Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekends Spearfishing and Surfing update.

Well the weekend started off with the Salty's Dive Club Meeting. It was well attended and we had a really interesting chat by Brent Addison chairman of SAUFF. Out lining some of the issues that spearfising is facing in South Africa.

We also did a gun give away and Stef won a speargun of his choice, some other small goodies were also given away.

At the same time Grant Somers and crew were doing a Spearo Camp, I popped in on Saterday and helped out a little. We were going to jump in the sea, but the swell was rather large for the new guys let alone myself!
The Spearo camp was a real blessing to the guys who were like sponges sucking everything up!

The east pumped yesterday and I dont think any one ventured into the sea all. But as I am writting the west has pulled in and with it hope for some good waves and some better diving conditions later this week.

Other than that not much else has gone down. I did notice that some guys have commented on the Mr Price Pro Surfing Comp blog post I did mid week last week ...very interesting!! Check it out. Mr Price Pro


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