Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mr Price Pro Surfing moves to Ballito

Mr Price Pro comes to Ballito!!

Well the unbelievable has happened!! The Mr Price Pro is coming to Ballito ... serious stoke to watch whats going down ...but we did enjoy the crowdless surf when every one headed to durban to watch the comp in the old days.

Here is the article from IOL

The world famous Mr Price Pro surfing competition is moving location for the first time from Durban's North Beach to Ballito. The competition takes place from June 26-July 5.

The competition will take the form of a "mobile" event, using the world class beaches of Salmon Bay, Willards, Surfers, Tiffanies and Tinley Manor and making use of the varied excellent surfing conditions available. 

Mr Price will be partnering with the Kwadukuza Municipality to organise and run the surfing competition and will work with the local community to build a beach festival around the activity, including free music concerts and other beach related events. 

Stuart Bird, Mr Price CEO commented, "The moving of the Mr Price Pro surfing event to Ballito means that it can only get bigger and better. The location is perfect for a world class event such as this and the local municipality has been incredibly supportive in working with us to plan the event." 

He added: "We would also like to express our thanks to the eThekwini Municipality for hosting us in Durban for the past nine years and for all of the support they have given us."

Kwadukuza council mayor, Thulani Khuluse added: "We are incredibly excited to be hosting the Mr Price Pro event in Ballito this year and are looking forward to the opportunity to showcase our beautiful area and perfect surfing conditions to the world." 

Colin Fitch, operations manager of the Association of Surfing Professionals Africa commented: "The Mr Price Pro remains one of the most prestigious Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series (WQS) events. It has become one of the major events on the international surfing calendar and an important stop for surfing professionals from around the world. Many of them have surfed the breaks at Ballito before and I know many are looking forward to doing so again."

Professional surfer and resident of Ballito, Tammy Lee Smith said: "Ballito is a well-known surfing location internationally and the bays and rocky outcrops along the North Coast offer a huge variety of waves, ranging from tame shore breaks to hollow beach breaks to challenging reef breaks." 

The event now attracts more than 250 entrants from 11 nations. The total prize purse is $175 000.

I guess the one up side of this is that maybe the surfers can and will be heard ...and the rocks at Bog will be opened up to get our banks in fine shape.

So please keep looking for old pics, chatting to anyone you know in the municipality and keep the pressure up!! 

...and at least join the movement check out Resurrecting Bog Bay

Mr Price Pro!! its bringing the pro's and the crowds like it or not ...atleast its only 2 weeks!!
The exciting thing will be the insain surfing!!



Anonymous said...

I thought this was an April Fools joke at first but I now see that this is actually true...

Super stoked for Ballito, hopefully it will prduce better waves then town does during the comp??

Anonymous said...

Did any of the locals stop to realise that they will be surfing with hundreds of surfers for a couple weeks ahead and after the contest.

I know the north coast pretty well and the local boy arnt going to even steal 1 wave smack in the middle of the best waves of the year.

Are these guys sleeping .... surely some one would complain!

Anonymous said...

Hell this is a DOG SHOW!! Who give Mr Price the right to just come and take over?

This another winter total screwed .... Thanks Mr Price ....or Mr Prick!

Anonymous said...

Na you guys are over reacting. I mean Surfers can easily handle 30 - 40 surfers. You guys will get all the waves you need, I mean the guys on tour anrt all that good any way and heard they really smaak to just let the local guys get the sets.

Stuff this what do we have to do to stop the contest?

John said...

This a Fing Crime!!

Pissed off said...


Are you kidding! This is a train smash if I ever saw one.

How does something like this actually get passed?

It just shows you the municipality really does not care one bit about the local surfing community. We just dont count to them, do we?

Anonymous said...

I think it will be cool to watch the likes of Julian Wilson and Jordy Smith on firing Surfers!

But it is a catch 22

Justin said...

Oh my word! One contest in the whole year and you are complaining? You have the whole year to surf. I'm sure sharing your waves wont hurt for a few weeks. We cant have everything in life the way we want it.

Anonymous said...


you are obviously not from a small town!! Already the crowds are pulling in and it is becoming difficult to fight for waves. It seems town clowns dont have any manners!! You would also get a little or very protective you your own spot got invaded and was going to be broadcast to the whole world.