Thursday, April 23, 2009

Voting Day's Cooking Surf

Early Morning Voting Day Sunrise Perfection. Pic Rat

Well the ANC did one thing right, they made Voting Day on a day the surf cooked. If they could organise that every weekend ... I am sure they might get a few more Votes? Or not!!
Politics aside yesterday was a fantastic morning, the swell was perfect the conditions were epic and with the banks just starting to show some life the wave started to show some real form.

I got down just after light and there were some guys already on Sunrise which was starting to look like the Sunrise of old. I could see the current was already pushing and the guys were having to constantly paddle up the river to keep on the spot.
I opted for Surfers ... no one out and the odd bomb grinding on the inside bank.
I bagged a couple real cookers before a couple guys pulled in to join in on the barrel fest.

Me enjoying some barrel time at Surfers. Pic Rat

I kept see the guys running across to Sunrise from the parking and I could not help myself I had to go and check it out. Sunnies was working there was a strong crowd of about 10 guys all paddling like mad to stay up the point. I got one good barrel as I got there (probably while I was still fresh) but spent the next hour trying to get onto the spot and never really got anything special. 
Ryan Belfor clapping the inside like an energiser bunny on jet fuel. Pic Rat

I went back out at Surfers ... less of a mission although I think the real bombs were at Sunrise ...I must be getting old!! We surfed until the east picked up and took the rest of the day easy, Voted and then hit the couch... nothing wrong!!

Til Next Voting Day ...... I hope not


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