Thursday, April 2, 2009

Resurrecting Bog Bay

This is what Bog can produce and more - Sean VO digging deep.

Bog Bay finally has a shot at being revived. More than 20 years ago the Ballito municipality put in rocks to form a tidal pool, and it landed up stealing the surf right from under our feet.

But now that the Mr Price Pro is hitting Ballito's shores the lights and focus are on surfing for a change. I have been chatting to some of the key figures involved and we really need to get our act together to make this work.

If you haven't already joined there is a web site called Resurrecting Bog Bay

There is also a Face Book Group Resurrecting Bog Bay

We have a small window of opportunity with this .... lets get cracking!
The first step is just joining the groups, keep in touch and spread the word!


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