Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whats going Down

Hey guys,

The surf disapointed us this morning!! We were seriously hoping for cooking waves. The conditions were perfect but the swell was still a little to straight and the banks not lined up the way they need to be.

That said, almost every one was down, climbing over each other for a wave. .... look it was better than being at work early!!!

If you have not heard local stylemaster water man Scott 'The Man' Rutherford has produced offspring in the form of Knox Peter Rutherford. With Juls and Scotty both being surfers there is no doubt that Knox will be carving some stylish lines in years to come.

On the sprearfishing front, dirty water was pushed up the coast from down south and dashed any hopes of the dark blue water out back reaching the shore. There are some east winds predicted and maybe we will get lucky still and score ....before summer has come and gone!!

Thats all


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