Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tiger Shark Killed by Spearfisherman

In last weeks post "Tiger Shark Shot by Spearfisherman" there is the story of Craig Clasens capture of a Tiger Shark. Go have a look at the amount of comments on the post!! I never though this would create such a huge response.

You dont have to read to far down to see that the view point of the guys out there is seriousl negative, and woven into that is the negative view of spearfishing. This for me is very sad, as we should be everything we can to portray the right picture of what spearfishing is about.
..... maybe I should have not put the picture and Tiger Shark story up in the first place?

Some how we need to start revealing to/ educating  the public about the conservative nature of spearfishing. It just seems every were you go people bitch and moan about what a bunch of 'mindless killers' we are. But they are the same persons that will eat a chicken that was grown in a cage, a cow that has never seen a blade of grass .... or even fish commercially caught by a long liner or using nets!

Anyway what is encouraging is seeing the amount of Spearfisherman adopting good habits and practices. Fewer and fewer guys are pilaging for the extra buck and becoming more and more selective with their catches. The unfortunate thing is the general public will always see it as a blood sport.

As for the the whole Tiger Shark Shooting insident ... well the video does not show him shoot the shark and if the shark was attacking or not. So I wont pass judgment ... it is just sad that it takes us spearo's down with it in a ball of poo!

Here are some less prevoking Tiger Shark and Spearisherman Moments:

the short film .. Shark Soup

Dreaming Of Tiger Sharks ..... one of the best pic's ever!!

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