Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dreaming of Free Diving and Tiger Sharks

Pic from Elios web site

With the sea a mess and the work load heavey, I often space out lost in free diving dream world.
I have this pic of a guy Free Diving with a Tiger Shark on my desk top, and get caught switching between programs fixated on some small detail in the pic.

I have a mate Iain who has the most amazing underwater freediving pics blown up on his office wall. They are truly amazing! I popped into visit the other day, and for the first 10min could not hold a coherent conversation as my mind switched over to the deep blue. Almost like an instant snorkelitus.

I suppose with the windy season dawning and the cuta all up north to breed, not to much diving is going to be going down in the next while. And I suspect that I wont be the only one getting spaced out during work.

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