Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Surfing - Where is the Swell?

Well every one was up and looking for the surf this morning, only to find it small and inconsistent. The Swell was SW and probably missed us :-(
The tides are still fairly high in the morning so the was little hope of it getting much better.

The Swell looks like it will turn from SW to straight South which will mean we should get better swell tomorrow. But the wind looks like it will be blowing so we might just be in the office early again!

Friday is neap tide and there will still be some swell around to surf, Saturday also looks promising with it getting a little lower first thing in the morning.

On the Spearfishing front the sea at home is green!! The south tomorrow might help some more ....but it is just yuck at the moment.
If you are bored go check out the lame comments some guys have left on the post I did on the Tiger Shark that Got Shot.  

Other than that the only other news is that the DUC cutoff for entries is today ... (I think)


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