Monday, January 19, 2009

Where did the swell go?

Friday late arvo had some great waves, and the forecast was looking even better and bigger. A mate from PMB even called and asked if it was worth bringing the dive kit down and I told him not to worry.

So as fate had it I got an sms the next morning saying "should have brought the the dive kit" The swell had disappeared. Sunday was blown out but the swell started to look like it was picking up. But it never really got big. It kinda fell into place when chatting to my mate in J-Bay .. he said that it was only about 6ft there.

Anyway the wind dropped off and we got some great waves before sundown on Sunday and this morning had some great little barrels. The forecast still looks good for the next few days so keep a look out.

On the fishing front I was chatting to a fisherman and he said that 30 -40km out to sea the current is screaming south north and that they have got very few cuta. The Geelbeck are still thick out deep and there are loads of Dorado on the FADs. The guys up at Zinkwazi side have been catching the odd cuta in over 30m but thats about all thats been happening.

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