Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spearfishing - Summer Cuta On Their Way?

Nice Cuta shot with Rob Allen's New Closed Muzzle

After missing out on the mornings spearfishing, I committed to an arvo dive with a mate. The forecast said the wind was going to pick up, but I figured the vis would be ok and would jump in any way.

The reports from the guys who had dived said it was very quiet, and when we got down the South East Devil /Poison wind was blowing. We jumped in any way as this could be our last dive for a couple days with forecast showing east winds and many of the rivers flowing.

The water was a little iffy 26deg on the surface and 25 deg on the bottom - but good water for Cuta. I battled to find the drop off and landed up up on a ledge full of Bat fish. On my second dive while strumming my rubbers 2 cuta came in and a stoned the one. (Damn Rob's new sleek closed muzzle is the BOMB.... this is the 4 or 5th fish in a row which I have stoned)

Any way a little while later another cuta came in while I was on the bottom (the water was not good enough to see them from the top ..unless they swam right underneath you of course) and I got a great shot from below. I first though the shot was too low, as I tend to aim low when shooting up .... lost too many fish shooting up and just getting fine flesh shots in the back.

The shot was good and I landed the fish, not before it almost ran all the line off my reel!!
Morne also bagged a fish before it got dark. The fish were super fat and healthy. Mine were females with eggs. The small on was 8.5kg gutted and the larger one was 11.9kg gutted. Morne's was also good at 8.7kg gutted.

We bumped into some other mates that had dived another reef and they got nothing :-( I guess we were spearfishing in the right place at the right time.

Lets hope the cuta start coming out in greater numbers ... and a little help from the weather will also help.


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