Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two Cement Barges Run Aground off Cape Vidal

Two American Barges 12km North of Cape Vidal

Last week 2 barges ran aground just north of Vegetation's at Cape Vidal!! I must have had my head in the ground, coz I only heard about them today.

The first Barge has been dragged 24km out to sea, a little too far to be of any value to us dives. I cant see why they could not sink it in shallower water, even if it were in 40 meters it would still attract fish.

The second barge is still on the shore, and they are waiting for the next spring tide to try and remove it from the beach. I heard via the grape vine that they might sink the second one in shallower water and make an Artificial Reef. Freaken yippy and much celebrations!!! Imagine that a barge of that size up at Vidal!! My mind is doing flick flacks at the diving to be had!!

All they need to do is make sure that the barge sinks parallel to the current, so we can do nice long drifts down it length as it lies in 25 - 35m of water ....depth i am not to fussy about tho.
(ok 30-35 will be perfect, no use it being shallow....... there are enough snoek spots!!)

My only fear is that the bunny Hugger's will get there paws on the wreck and make it off limits like the Nabo and Produce!

Another interesting saga is going down ...
The Diomed on the beach at Banga Nek

Also in the last week or so a Trawler called Diomed ran aground just north of Banga Nek, about 15km south of the boarder. This vessel has been taken off the beach an was being towed away when it apparently under mysterious circumstances sank! Unfortunately it is 250m of water, another diving opportunity wasted!!

I will try keep you up to date with the 2nd Barge
(if any one has more info please give me a shout or just add a comment to this blog)


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Coatesman said...

Apparently one barge has been sunk off the light house in 45m of water.
The Barge is 11m high so if you can do the ol 35m plung you are ok!