Thursday, November 20, 2008

Indo Pacific Sailfish

Shoaling Indo Pacific Sailfish

Sailfish eye candy! My mate Scotty sent me these pictures from a his fathers mate, he wont tell me where they were taken ... and you can understand why. But I will be pressing him for more info on these shoaling Sailfish's where abouts ..for sure!

Sailfish - Lights On! An Excited Sailfish showing its colours.

Sailfish have reported to grow up to 100kg and the South African & World Spearfishing Record is 63.4kg shot by Allan Haydorn up at Cape Vidal. My personal best is only 35.5kg - Mozambique Sailfish
Most Spearfishermen will only take a couple of these majestic creatures in there lifetime. I cant wait for the day when I can get a good oppertunity to get some Sailfish like this on film ... it will be epic.

For more info on the Indo-Pacific Sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus) visit Fishbase - Indo-Pacific Sailfish



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