Monday, May 5, 2008

Spearfishing Mozambique

I have just returned from a spearfishing trip in Mozambique, we went up to Barra Point near Tofu. We had epic weather and dived every day until we were spent. The vis conditions were generally very good on the outer reefs but for some reason it was fairly cold around the 25 deg mark .... cold for there!

We got some nice fish, but generally it was a scratch for them. Even the local fishing boats were struggling for fish and we had to dive hard for the few fish we did spear. The highlight of the trip was a saily I got off a pinnacle 12km out to sea, but other than that we got a couple cuta and some other nice gamefish, and the Wahoo just eluded us. I did not see any, but the other guys saw them every now and then chilling in the background .... frustrated the living daylights out of every one!!

My 35,5kg Barra Sailly .... got it on film aswell,
but you will have to wait for the dvd to check it out.

Back on the home front the sea looks like it it going to be fairly calm, not sure if there is any good vis around .....

On friday nite the Salty Divers will be meeting at my place for our monthly social ...... hey the club jackets are ready and I will have them for those who ordered them on Friday ......

Anyway ....I have a mountain of work (work that pays the bills) to sort out .........

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