Friday, October 3, 2008

Wahoo Spearfishing Club to DUC Join Forces!

Wahoo Spearfishing Club and DUC - Durban Underwater Club are amalgamating. The Wahoo guys took a vote and the results are:
YES - 37
NO - 7

The move comes with mixed feelings, Wahoo will never be the same as it was. Some fear that the amalgamation, even tho Wahoo retains its name will loose its identity and individuality. On the up side ...if all goes to plan, Wahoo will have a beach front club house (shared), launch site & ability to register boats etc.

I guess the votes tell a story tho, the guys must be feeling that the move will be good for the club. I look at this scenario and wonder if this kind of venture would not be good for us at the Salt Rock Spearfishing Club? If the opportunity ever did arise it would be seriously tempting to make the move.

Never the less this will be the dawn of a new era in spearfishing in Durban, I think there are too many passionate people, like Chris West in Wahoo, to let this one fail. I am sure there will be challenges but the benifits are going to have far reaching effect.

Back at home it is Salty's Club Nite, tonite, Helen Garner an AIDA Freediving instructor is coming to chat to us. The weather looks grim now but the forecast says no rain for this evening, so the braai will go on!!



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