Monday, October 13, 2008


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The e-mail and response below were hastily drafted on Saturday morning. As you can see, the government are, by a clever back door method. Proposing a complete ban on the taking of fish by means of spearguns.

Only by a personal contact between Jeremy Williams and some hunting friends did we find at about it at the eleventh hour. They tried to contact us via SAUU but failed.

The hunters are AMAZED that we only have 100 members.

The apathy of the SA Underwater Fishing community, ably demonstrated by poor member registration and lack of support for our National team will surely lead to our downfall.

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From: Hans Gastrow


Cc: ; Dive Factory

Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2008 3:13 PM

Subject: Fw: Hunting Norms and Standards

Hallo Reinhardt,

herewith the SAUFF letter of objection that was put together post-haste, hopefully in time for discussion in Weenen.

While the SAUFF has not included the exact clauses to which they object, mainly due to time constraints, they did discuss their specific concerns with me ,and I would like to point out their concerns on their behalf in order to "get the ball roling":If they wish to expand on their specific concerns they can do so after this weekend as I cannot reach them now.

The objections are flowing from the following:

Section 1 of the draft Norms and Standards states "These norms and standards shall address all activities related to hunting."

Section 2 , the definition of hunting, states "includes the catching or killing of fish by any method other than by angling or netting" Therefore it is argued that spearfishing is included in the definition of hunting.

Section 4 ,detailing Prohibited Hunting Instruments and Methods, in item p states "by means of .... a speargun"

Please view the letter of objection below in the light of above concerns.


Hans Gastrow

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From: Brent Addison

To: 'Dive Factory' ;

Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2008 8:00 AM

Subject: RE Hunting Norms and Standards

P O Box 323, Uvongo, 4270, email:

Dear Sirs

On behalf of the members of the SA Underwater Fishing Federation we wish to take strong exception to your proposal to ban Underwater Fishing in South Africa. We would consider this an infringement to our constitutional rights and would be prepared to take legal action to oppose any such legislation.

We would like top point out the following facts in support of our view.

1. Underwater Fishing is regarded as the most selective form of fishing that there is.

2. Nowhere in the world is Underwater Fishing banned.

3. There are over 5000 licenses sold by the SA government each year to citizens who practice this sport.

4. Underwater Fishing at a competitive level is regarded as one of the most extreme sports in the world.

5. On the 20th October the 26th World Underwater Fishing Championships are due to start in Venezuela. Only 20 of the best teams (Countries) in the World qualify to take part in this event and South Africa stand an excellent chance of winning it for the first time in our history. You may thus be banning the World Championships winning team, which given the publicity surrounding the failure of our Olympic team, should ensure that you will be given an opportunity shortly before the media to explain your actions.

6. SAUFF are affiliated to the SA Sea and Sport Fishing Federation, and we will be appealing to them to support us in this regard.

7. SAUFF are affiliated to CMAS, the World Diving Federation, who have fought legal battles in other countries to have our sport unfairly penalized.

8. SAUFF are affiliated to SAMLMA, who are meeting in Durban on 15th October 2008, and we will be raising this issue with them as well.

9. The collapse of the Underwater Fishing Industry would have a significant socio-economic impact on SA and as numerous scientific studies have proven, show little or no impact on improvement of the environment.

10. Lastly, the fact that there has been no consultation with us on this matter, and indeed no invitation to your meeting, is a clear violation of our constitutional rights.

I trust therefore that you will take no further action on the clauses in your documents, pertaining to Underwater Fishing until we have had an opportunity to discuss it all the issues with the relevant authority and put our point of view.

Yours faithfully

B. R. Addison

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