Monday, September 29, 2008

Spearfishing Update

The guys got in this weekend, The water was not too bad with up to 8m in some spots. The odd Garrick came out but I did not hear of any Dagga.

My one mate got caught in the path of some Humpback Whales off Salties. He said there were 3 of them that were close to him. Basically an experience of a life time!! A couple dives later he also saw a shoal of white tipped Reef Sharks ...unusual!!

I was busy with work so I sneeked in a quick surf ... the conditions were great and there were some fun waves, but nothing special.

Looks like we might have a dive later in the week, and a south before the weekend could be good for the dive. ....thats if the east holds off on Saterday.



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