Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kelly Slater Wins Hurley Boost Mobile Pro

Kelly's World Title hopes were given a "Boost" when he won the Boost Mobile Pro at Lower Trestles.
He is potentially one win away from the World ASP Title. This what ASP released:

ASP World Title Scenarios

COOLANGATTA, Australia (Thursday, September 11, 2008) - Well, we've just seen an incredible event at the Boost Mobile Pro pres. by Hurley at Lower Trestles and Kelly Slater has won his 5th event of the season.

While he may be the runaway ratings leader on the 2008 ASP World Tour, the Floridian hasn't clinched his 9th Title...not yet anyway.

Slater could grab the 2008 ASP World Title at the next stop, the Quiksilver Pro France, and here are the scenarios:

- If Kelly wins in France, Taj needs a 3rd and Bede and Mick need 2nds to take the Title race to Mundaka (Joel is out of the race if this happens).

- If Kelly finishes 2nd in France, the race for the ASP World Title will certainly go to Mundaka as even if Taj gets a 33rd, he can still come back. Bede will need a 3rd and Parko a 1st in France to stay in the race if Kelly gets a 2nd.

So there you have it kids, it's a win in France for Kelly to seal.
So all eyes will be on Kelly in France!!


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