Monday, August 18, 2008

Spearfishing In Oz

You know the old saying the grass is greener on the other side, well spearfishing in Oz does seem to be flipping rad!
I got a report in from Barry Paxman on there weekends diving. They got some Spanish Mackerel 'Cuta' around the 24-25kg mark .... obviously not that impressive, as they did not send pics. I would have the pics framed and on the wall for all to see!!

Maybe the cuta got left off in the light that they got a Cobia 'Prodigal Son' of 35.75kg and a Yellow Fin Tuna of 34.6kg!!
34.6kg Yellow fin Tuna Speared in Oz

Here is Scott Paxman, this guy just seems to be getting great fish. The not so long ago we saw those great Wahoo they shot ... Check it out .. Paxman Wahoo Its no wondr he has been diving since he was .... probably 3yrs old or something!

Scott Paxman 35.75kg Cobia. A.K.A Prodigal Son.

For more on the Paxman's and Spearfishing Western Oz check out - Bluewater Freedivers of Western Australia


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