Monday, August 4, 2008

Spearfishing Dagga Salmon

20kg ..and some change Dagga Salmon Spearfished off one of Durban's Wrecks

On Saturday Morne' I went spearfishing with Garrick Morris & Iain Ewing off Durban. I have not done too much diving in that area so I was quiet keen to see what was happening out there.

The water was quiet good and it was still atleast 10m vis 20-25m down. I was filming some bait fish on one of the wrecks when a good shoal of Dagga Salmon came in. I saw some good size fish in the shoal, and took a shot at one nearest to me. One in the bag is better than one in the bush ....!

The great thing was is that the footage of the shot came out great and it was a good call. Although the water was clean it was quiet cold and we struggled to find other quality fish to shoot. We dived up at Umhloti for abit before heading back.

The water this morning was very clean, but again on the cold side. I did not see anything worth shooting other than some Yellow fin Tuna that came whizzing past my flasher ....all they did was get my heart pumping and thats about all.

The east is going pump today so tomorrow might be out. There is a small south tomorrow that might sort things out again .... lets hope.


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