Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Worlds Spearfishing Venezuela


Some months back SAUFF started an initiative of pledging money to try and raise funds for the upcoming Worlds Spearfishing event in Venezuela. It is unfortunate, that to date, very few individuals and companies have made the effort to pledge.

The SA team, which is arguably one of the strongest sides to ever compete are needing your support. There are individuals in our team who have the ability to take the world title, and with it place SA as a world class side worthy of international respect.

This is however not possible without adequate funds to send the entire team. There is no government sponsorship or support for our divers, and as such, they are expected to fund it themselves. With the cost of air fares, accommodation, etc this is not always possible. The anticipated budget for sending the team is estimated at around R 170 000.00.

SAUFF is once again, on behalf of our national spearfishing team, putting forward to individuals, companies, dive equipment retailers, the request for pledging money towards this excellent cause. The date for the World Spearfishing event is set for October 2008 and time is running short.

Our South African Team who are hoping to be representing the country are:

Guyla Plaganyi (Captain)

Jaco Blignaut

Mark Jackson

Alan Frazer

Ryan Burmeister (Non traveling reserve)

For more information regarding the Worlds event as well as what pledges have been received, kindly check the Spearo Ranking Web on: saspearoranking.co.za. All pledges will be recognized for their respective contributions on the website.

Yours Faithfully

SAUFF Public Relations Officer

Shane Breedt

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