Monday, July 28, 2008

West is Here!!

Last nite the south west pulled in .... good news!!

The sea should clean up and there should be some diving ahead. The only thing is that the one forecast does show 2m swells!! So there might be a chance we are surfing instead of diving.

Last week end Rat shot his first Garrick ...... nice*
Hopefully there will some more around .... a mate said he saw a shoal of bait fish getting smashed yesterday off Sheffield. And thats always a good sign!!

Rat with a quality Garrick

Also dont forget this Friday is Salty Club Nite

As always ..... a 'Dop n' Chop' a dvd or two and I will be going over some foundational breath hold techniques.

I will cover:
Equipment - how & why the right stuff helps!
Foundational breath hold principals
Breath hold technique and application
plus some good ol tips here and there.

Last time we did a breath hold workshop we had great report backs from guys who had improved their diving.
One guy almost doubled his bottom time!!

So pull in and come check things out, and if you are an ol Salty Dog with years of experience why not pull in and come share you thoughts aswell.

Til Then


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