Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clean Water = Spearfishing

Today we had some clean water ...about time! The sea was a little quiet were I dived, but I heard that a guy got some nice fish off Westbrook. a Dagga of around 30 and a good cuta. Another mate braved the pumping north east this arvo and managed a good cuta of over 15kg!!

Unfortunatly the beast from the east is here and I am not sure how the sea will be in the morning.

Iain and Morne headed up to Ponta over the weekend and managed a few good fish, here is Iain's account of what went down .....

Ponto 25-27 July 2008

Decided late on Thursday that the only place to head was southern Mozam. Water and vis sounded good so off we went at 3 on Friday morning.

Arrived and launched, headed to the 22m Malangane ledge, very quiet, and FULL of bass. Over the three days of diving we only got out one small kakaap of 4kg’s there. Normally this reef is very productive. For the rest of Friday we drifted the deep ledge in 38m off Malangane and then Pinnacles. Distinct lack of shark activity on both spots.

Pinnacles, always holds sharks, and we did see a tiger, zambo and about 15 hammers. All very docile and not interested in us at all! It’s the first time that I have see hammers swimming on their sides flashing their bellies and rolling! I would be interested to hear if any one knows if they do this when breading?

We got out 3 fish on Friday, the biggest a tropical kingi of 12kg’s on the Malangane ledge.

Saturday and good weather, very little wind. Again same strategy as Friday, this time we managed to get out 58kg’s of fish, kakaap cuda and tropicals.[Morne with a pb kakaap of over 10kg shot on his deepest dive to date, well done boet] , biggest a 16.8kg tropical on the outside ledge of Pinnacles. Had fantastic sightings of a large manta, but I think the cool water 21/22 C was responsible for the quietness.

We both dropped a few fish, from kak shots and the ever present bass. I dropped a good cuda and a kakaap, Morne also dropped a few fish. All the fish that we shot where deeper than 25m so the deep diving got us fairly fatigued. Well that’s what I am blaming for my poor shot placement!

Sunday and a short trip to the deep ledges and got three fish out, the east picked up and we decided to call it. On the way back we decided to get in on doodles. One cannot under estimate this small but productive reef. First down and Morne was into + 20kg cuda that unfortunately pulled out after a long fight. This reef it a must for any one passing it!

Best fish of the trip where the 6 tropicals from 16.8kg’s 14kg’s a few 12’s down to 8kg’s:

8 kakaap, Morne’s 10kg being the biggest:

3 cuda, Morne’s with the biggest of 9kg’s.

Out of the 28 boats that where launched over the 3 days only one fishing boat got a fish, a dorodo of 19kg’s, and that was a loooog way out to see. One of the other boats said that they laded a salli, but I was unable to confirm back on the beach.

Not a bad weekend trip, we did have the opportunity of getting a few decent fish that where lost! Still a productive few days.



I hope the Beast stays away long enough for some fish to come out ...spot ya


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