Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spearfishing ..whats up?

The sea has been looking good the last few days, I have been out of the dive with sinus problems ... dam bleak. So I have been flushing them out surfing some nice clean barrels that we have had the last 2 days.

Today the south east was up and made everything choppy, the vis looked ok tho. And I probably would have dived.

The long term forecast is bleak with loads of easts through to the weekend. Its a pity the land breazes had just started and I was looking forward to some more good surf.

Talking about the weekend its the Salty Divers Club meet on Friday nite. If you have never been before pull in. It is very chilled, we normally just throw some meat on the braai and share a laugh or 2 over a beer. All are welcome so pull in and come see whats going down.

Any way back to the grind stone

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