Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekends Spearfishing Update

Hey guys,

It was a fairly uneventful weekend ...dive wise. The water was mif and the light south did little for the vis up north. The Shoal was reported to be clean and I am sure some fish did come out.
That said there was a nasty little swell from the north and some mates of mine flipped their boat launching through the surf.
Not a nice thing!!! Fortunately no one was hurt ....I suppose in that situation thats the main thing.
I am reminded of the old saying on our coast ...."Its not if, its when" No one is above getting in the POO, I have seen the most experienced skippers get in the dwang.

On the up side the Fishing Corner Comp finished this weekend and they had the prize giving on Saturday. Morne and I did very well, dominating the spearing side of the comp. We won some cool prizes, always a good thing!! Weldone to Shaun and co for a great comp, I am sure they will have an update on their site shortly.

Here is my other vid of the shark footage from Aliwal Shoal a few weeks ago ..... read the old post: A Day Filming Sharks

Any way thats all for now, hopefully this south cleans things up and rain stays away.
P.S - 18 days til Mozam ......cant wait :-)

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