Monday, November 12, 2007

Wahoo Weekend

A dream came true for Morne this weekend when a size Wahoo came and swam right under the boat. This fish was intent on committing "Hurry Curry" swimming within meters of Morne.

We had got to Leven point off Cape Vidal just before 5am, all got in the water when Willy who was still sorting out his gun started to call and point.

The off shore was pumping so we had gone into 13-14m of water, and were going to drift out to the deeper line.
So there this monster was just milling around in the shallows.

I had the camera, and Morne was 'locked & loaded'. He dived down slowly, slightly hesitantly not wanting to spook the fish and miss a opportunity of a life time.

I was sitting right on his shoulder getting the whole thing on tape, when the Wahoo just swam straight into Morne's line of fire. Getting plugged right behind the gearbox, disappearing in a line of bubbles, gun and buoy line in tow. The fish was boated and there were loads of smiles all round.

That was at 5am ..... the sea was epic, and we were now pumped so we dived hard for 9hours and eventually I picked up a small wahoo of 8.5kg on the last drift of the day. Man were we poked!

The fish weighed in at 25.2kg ... which is a new Salt Rock Spearfishing Record.

Nice one Morne

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