Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Epic Morning!

Gee after that buster of a wind yesterday (peaked at 35 knots/ 65 km per hour) not bad for our coast!! the sea was looking awesome. Not sure about the vis and there were not too many waves around with the high tide. But there was some grommie surfing Salties mid break ..... it should have been me :-)

I heard that over the weekend some good fish came out. Apparently Corrie got 4 Wahoo off the shoal, and some good Cuta were caught and shot between Umhloti and Ballito side. Some guys up at St Lucia dived a fad and got 9 Wahoo!! they were all small, around the 10kg mark ..... but I would not complain.

The wind this week looks like it will predominantly be southerlies, so if the rain holds off we could have some diving. ....... hopefully!!

A mate sent me this vid of a monster wave at Teahpoo check it out:

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