Monday, October 22, 2007

Garrick Barrels and lost Equipment

Well the week end was an eventful one, Shane and Darren ... and I am sure many others hit the south coast and hammered the Garrick. Some nice ones came out around the 10 kg mark.

There was a bit of swell around and while trying to subdue a Garrick Darren got totally milked! Loosing his fin,bootie, dive knife his leg and his mask!! His mask was found by his mate ...lucky, but the rest is in that place with single socks and lost dive stuff. Neptune has a serious collection going!

On the North Coast the surf was real good and the water not bad, but we decided to catch some waves. It has not been good here for ages so to get some barrel time was good.

Anyway back to Darren .... if any one has a spare or lonely Genisis fin lying around give me a shout and we can help the guy out a little.

see ya

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