Thursday, August 16, 2007

Man I was going to Go!

Its 5 bells early and I am standing on the beach. Its pitch black just the head lights illuminating the waves breaking on the bricks. The cold off shore is bitting and its not all that comfortable standing in my Pj's. I head home knowing it will be an hour before its light enough to dive, but stoked that today I am actually going to dive.

About half an hour later, nice and warm back at home ... horror of horrors! The sound of the wind busting through, the west came pushing through at about 5:45 and dashed all hopes of a comfortable dive.

So I am back at work ........ again early!
The bummer is that my bank balance does not seem to get fatter ....just my waist line!

On the brighter side Morne took delivery of his new C-ski, its a beutiful boat! Unfortunately he was on the other side of the Boereworse curtain and I had to MMS him a pic from my fone.

Guess who is busting to hit Vidal??


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