Monday, July 23, 2007

The World Record Spanish Mackerel!!

I was reminded by Rory of this pic of Greg Pickering and his World Record Spanish Mackerel. You get the feeling that if you added a few kilos to this fish and held it in front of you it would just look ridiculous!
Current World-record narrow-barred Spanish mackerel
46 kilograms Dorre Island, Western Australia, July 18, 2004 by Greg Pickering

I also found this pic of Barry Paxman who often gets front page time on our Salty Diver web site. I think that you can clearly see the difference in the size of these fish, they are super long! Thats why it is always a good thing to take the photo standing up holding the fish up against your body. That way the picture does not get distorted. Another good habit is to either have the tail touching the ground or the V of the tail under your chin. I like to hold the head ... it does make the fish look more impressive.

Barry Paxman's previous world record Narrowbarred spanish mackerel
37.2 kilograms , Muiron Islands, Australia, Sept. 29, 2001

Here is another Previous World Record Cuta, damn this is impressive! Out of the last two pics I like this one the most. It not only looks good, it is not deceptive in any way.

Previous world-record narrow-barred spanish mackerel
39.5 kilograms Murion Islands, Exmouth, Western Australia, Jan 1, 2002 by Ian Fearnley

So next time you get a beast of a fish and are getting the pics down, don't be too embarrassed to take your time and get the right shot.


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barry paxon said...

woww thats a big fish what did you use to catch it

Anonymous said...

my father once held the world recourd. i still have a picture of it but he never claimed it. it was 86 pound and he got it in 1978 from memory i will try to post the picture up