Monday, July 30, 2007

Wahoo Winter Game Fish 2007

Well the sea was crazy!! Big swell and strong South winds made foe hectic diving conditions, and only those who really wanted to win stayed at sea to get fish. Some guys stuck it out the whole day in seriously bad conditions and then still had to ride 24km back from Leven against the wind and swell.

It was rough, I was on a 19tf Yeld Cat and and it was not pleasant. Some were on small boats, like Chris West on his C-Ski weathered the sea the whole day at Leven and was one of the last boats to hit the beach. The boat was rewarded with a weighing Cuta that came in 5th prize. John little was another sea dog that stuck it out and they cleaned up on the prizes. Andy Henwood got a 23kg Saily, a 20 kg Cuta and a snoek that also weighed.

The winning fish was a 117kg Marlin shot off the point, and the second place went to a 28kg Wahoo.
But it was Andy taking 3rd, 4th, and 6th prizes that stood out. I guess his secret was Fittness + commitment and a whole lot of skill.

I guess I need to pull out those running shoes and get my ass on the road!!


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Anonymous said...

Who shot the marlin?

And, btw, thanks for the frequent updates and news. Please keep it up.