Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Super Fine!

Well the water is super fine, over 10m vis and light north south current. The temp was about 21.8deg and there was lots of bait fish and life on the reef.
All in all everything was right for fish ...... but we saw squat! Warranted we were only on the drop off for about 25min at first light. I am sure if you spent some time in the water today you would get some fish.

The weather looks good for the next few days with a west on Friday so this weekend is looking 100's. It would probably be a good time to organize a boat trip down south!!

There is a possibility of some swell on Saturday, but there is a good chance it is going to be out deep and will not effect the shoreline. Friday will be no good tho.

Gett'n amped


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Anonymous said...

Coatesman, thanks for the regular updates...really enjoy reading whats happening