Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Should have dived again!

Had an early start at work again this morning and the sea looked epic. I did squeeze a dive in late last night and it was great. The vis was only about 5-6m with lots of little jelly and wiggly things, that the fish were feeding off.

I had got a call from a mate who had dived in the morning and he said that the snoek were loose, but that the water had turned a little green. I went any way and managed a nice snoek from a large shoal in about 10m.

I could not help but wonder what the fish were doing deeper out so I did not hang around for more snoek.
It was a bit gloomy with the vis and light fading but the sea was alive. I could hear some Dagga drumming away and tried to get close to the sound. There were the ever present Grunter .. one was easy in the 6-8kg bracket, but I could hear the Dagga and did not want to miss out on an opportunity.

On the one dive while returning to the surface 2 very big tuna swam over me. I tried to close the gap and succeeded at first swimming in the fishes blind spot. But the outside fish saw me and spooked the closer one. I just could not get close enough. They were barrels probably over 30-40kg ... I would have had to have been close with my 1.2m.

I dived until it was to dark to see any fish, quiet an experience. I hit the beach with a snoek and buggs .... an some amp for some tuna!!

On the weather side the east will probably mess things up today. Its a pity the dive would have been good with the nice weather we have been having. There looks like a south will come through at the end of the week, so the weekend looks promising for a change.

On the synoptic chart there ate two strong cold fronts that will pass us. Fortunately it looks like they will go under us and not push too much swell. It would be nice if they blow for a day and send some clean water.

Also dont forget the comps coming up:

The DUC open is on the 14th July
Wahoo winter Game fish at Vidal 28th July

For more details visit www.salty-diver.com and check the forums.

See you out there


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