Monday, July 16, 2007

Mallards Comp

Mike wrote:

Well boys there are some big bus cuta still around in the deep.

The mallards comp was fished over the weekend. some 350 angles approx and a total of 10 fish that won prizes!!! There were min weights on species so cuta for example was 10kg.

My mate got one of 9.9kg so got an iron and a kettle for a hard luck prize!!! Martin won a lucky draw of R3000 as most prizes were raffled off because no fish were caught!! The winning fish HOWEVER was a cuta of 36.8kg taken on sat morning 8: 30 off SEABELLE deep!!. This bus was caught on a vey large live shad. The oke walked away with a mallards cat 500 with 2 * 50hp mercs.

2 yellowfin tunny weighed biggest 19kg i think and 2 prodigal sons, 2 snoek over 7kgs as well. Other than that it was a very dull 2 days fishing! ]

Looking forward to the Wahoo comp on Sat 28th.



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