Friday, July 13, 2007

Got to love clean water.

The last few days have been great for diving. The clean water has blessed some with great dives. Iain and company got some nice Dagga south of Durban, some guy nailed the snoek on a point up here. And the have been some interesting fish being seen.

Morne saw a BUS Cuta in less than 10m of water ..... he said it was really big ...

Mike sent me this:
did a morning dive at Umhlanga lighthouse. Much of the reef has been sanded up but the vis was epic. No Snoek. Had some dolphins come cruising past and 2 secs behind them but some distance off 2 barrel size yellow fin tunny probably in the 30kg range. this is the second time i have seen these fish in such shallow water and with dolphins.
But all hope is not lost!!

Check the synoptic chart for south africa from 18h00 last night. The front has already moved off. And the next big one is going pass underneath us.

So I dont think the sea is going to be too bad this weekend. I am going to be looking for fish!!

On the swell front:
I am hoping that it passes us out at sea. Everything is kind of hinting that it will and if the, wind holds off like it supposed to Saturday will be a pearler.

Anyway ...time to work!


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