Friday, June 15, 2007

Winter, Swell and Spotted Grunter

Anther beut morning, we dived on a nice spot in about 18m near Salt Rock. And the sea was alive, we swam out before dark and waited for it to get light. The water was about 6 -8m which was great.

The shoal of spotted grunter that have been on this reef for weeks was still there. The grunter have gotten smaller but the shoal seems to be very strong.

We did not see any cuta ... damn... I suppose the north coast is a hit and miss affair this time of year.

The swell was up this morning and we almost caned the dive. I got a look at Ballito at about 8am from a building site I had to visit. And watched some perfect 5ft sets roll in. The down side is that the banks are still stuffed and these perfect swells hardly produced a ridable wave.

The forecast looks good for tomorrow and if the swell does not stir things up to much we will be in for a good day tomorrow.

Spot ya out there.

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