Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where is the Action?

The ACTION is down south!

The guys diving up here yesterday did not see a fish, while some guy down south ...I think at Umzumbi shot 9 or 10 cuta in 8m of water.

So head south if you have the time!!

There is a south west going to pump this arvo .... the good news is that it should drop in the night and turn off shore.
The better news is that the swell could possibly go out to sea and will not be a problem for diving.

So we might have a small window tomorrow morning with some more southerlies tomorrow arvo and some more diving on Thursday. I suppose it all depends on the swell. Wind Finder shows large swell, how ever my other tools show that there is no real depth to the swell and is mostly offshore.

Also please dont forget the DUC compo on the 14th July
DUC Comp

Catch ya later,


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