Thursday, June 28, 2007

Surf Web Cam

I got a surf web cam link sent to me, it was for the south coast and as usual the idea is great but I seldom find ones that are up to date and actually work.

I started another forum thread on Web Cams: Surf Web Cam Forum
If you cant see the page it might be because you are not logged in or have your browser security very high.

Here is the Web Cam at Shelly Beach ... it does not always update tho ... its not really live.

Well I don't have to tell you that the wind is blowing ...... flipp'n hard ..... did I mention it was cold.
The up side or down depends on if you surf or dive, is that the wind is not pushing too much swell with it. Hopefully it will send some Sards tho!

The Vis is not great and I suspect that there is some river water in the mix ... not good news at all.

Tomorrow should be a nice day ....


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