Monday, June 18, 2007


Sardines Sardines and well only a couple Sardines!

But thats enough to get every one excited, had some mates go down south yesterday to look for a dive with the sardines, but could not find good water. Scotties was better but they said that it was quiet. Thats typical at this time of the year, all the fish are attracted to the sardines and it seems that every where else goes dead quiet.

But I am sure that we soon be hearing stories of utter mayhem, when some one finds a shoal with cuta and dagga soup. I am still to land up getting a shoal of sards been trashed by game fish, I suppose I dont spend enough time down south.

The one time Burnsy and I jump in at Sheffield with some Sards and we greeted by Bronze Whaler soup. I have never dived with so many sharks in all my life ..... hang it would be great if they were cuta!

Any way this morning looked great, I did not dive as I am under the weather nursing a small dose of flu. I am a bit bumbed as it looks like there is a front coming that is going to push some swell. This will only subside on Thursday according to the forecasts.
(upside could push up some sardines!)

And to make it worse it full high tide in the morning and the banks are still shot, that means even if the swell is good the chance of surf is not good.

I don't know if you noticed the swell chart at the bottom of the page. It is the 24th hour slide from Fnoc and shows the swell for tomorrow. At the moment can you see the dark red/brown blob ..... thats serious swell!!!



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