Thursday, June 7, 2007

Perfect weather

Well we can have perfect weather, but if the water is muck and there is no swell .... well it might as well be storming!!

That actually might even be better at least then when the storm is over the sea will either be clean or there will be waves to ride.
So right now absolutely squat is going down, no waves, no dive!!

The conditions are looking good for the Midlands Game fish Comp at Sordwana, I wish i was going. So of the mates are heading up there today and tomorrow to get some diving in before the comp. And with R15 000 first prize the boys are going to be diving hard!!

Also don't forget the Salty Divers club meet is tonight in Durban. If you need directions call Shaun on 082 908 5775 or call me on 083 631 0841

It will be good to see you there, remember every one is invited.

See ya

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