Friday, June 1, 2007

Looking for a dive, but beware the Beast from the East!

The water is great and reports from up and down the coast are good. However there is a high pressure that has pulled in and is going to push a north east later today. The forecast says it is going to be moderate winds but the synoptic chart is looking like it might just blow.

I had a terrible dive this morning, I was trying a new mask, and it leaked .... properly! It is a Pure Vision from Mares
, I have used the X-Vision for some time and loved it. And thought I would upgrade ........ all I can say is dont go there. The seal on the glass is badly designed and under pressure it just pisses in.
I had been told that these were newer ones and this flaw had been fixed.   ..... I don't think so.

So I will be going back to the X-Vision .....tried and tested!!!

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