Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cold fronts and the rain.

Cold rain kept me in bed this morning ... yes I am a woos!

Thee sea actually looked nice this morning, and as predicted all the swell was out t sea and there was very little swell to talk about. I could not see the viz but it looked clean ... but watch the river water! this it going to ruin our dry run. But my farmer mates are very stoked.

There is another south going to hit later on today or this evening. again there is a good possibility the swell passes us by and goes out to sea.

On a different subject altogether, on the salty Divers forum I have added a section on boats. I have noticed that guys are going to have a look .... but how about writing something down? Tell us what you think, if the boat sucks, stinks or is the bomb. If you have a different boat to what is listed there just start a new thread ..... thats unless you are comparing to the boat on that thread .... does that make sense?

Come on I know some of you have some great boats ..... Cox crafts and Trimcrafts to name a few. Lets hear about them.

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