Thursday, March 22, 2007

Surf and Dive update

All back to normal ... well the sea is at last. The beach well that is another issue all together.
I don't think the banks for surfing will be any good for a while. We were surfing 6ft plus waves yesterday on a full low tide and it was like a high tide. All the sand is out at sea somewhere.

It will all return to normal but I think that it might take a while. However some beaches have more sand than ever! One point in particular had some right hand barrels spitting there way along a perfectly formed sand bank. I have never seen that point beak like that ever.

So All might not be lost! we might find some bomb waves in some new and wonderful places.
Next week around Tuesday we are expecting some south swell and with the low tide in the morning this will be our first look at if there are going to be waves this winter.

On the diving front ..... I think Mozambique is a good option ... I just cant see the sea coming right in the next week. Although none of the rivers are pumping mud all this brown water is from the wave action and we never know we might just get lucky.

Cheers 4 now

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