Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Suf and Dive Report ... Poo Poo Report!

I got down to the beach this morning only to find a fence blocking access to the beach, with a sign telling of all the nasty Poo on the beach.

Nasty indeed, but I did see some kids in the sea yesterday ...... nasty! I would not get into the Poo at a Poo farm, and I am sure their parents would not either. So the fences are a good thing I suppose.

I just hope that the guys get Poo Poo Pipes sorted out sooner than later.

It is frustrating! the conditions are great light to moderate southerlies, which would normally mean good seas and good diving. But alas it is Poo brown almost every where on the coast. Maybe after this batch of southerlies we will have some water??

Send me any news of clean water or ..... well anything interesting.


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