Friday, March 9, 2007

Spearfishing and Surf Update .... Game on!

Well finally the conditions have settled and we got in for a quick one. I took my little 900 railgun thinking I would quickly grab some buggs and head off to work.
But as Murphy would have it we got to a 10m ledge and on Morne's first dive he got a nice cuta of about 9 or 10kg. Thats were the idea of catching buggs went out the window. We did a couple more dives, I saw a nice kingfish .... too far for my small gun :-(
The deeper ledge had some some snoek and I managed to get close enough to get one. Morne got one and dropped one. By then our hour was up and we had to get out.
So it is looking good.
Next week also looks like there will be some good conditions with the swell flattening out and moderate variable winds. Lets see what happens.
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