Monday, March 19, 2007


Monster Swell hit our coast last nite!!
I woke up and was about to go for a run when Rob jokingly sms's me for a surf. After a couple sms's I establish that it is rather large. So with new enthusiasm ... coz I hat running, my running shoes are on and I am down the road down to the beach. I come out between La Montaigne Hotel and Ballito lifesaving Club, only to find that there is no beach and the swell was huge. I ran south towards Bog Bay and as I came around the corner, all I saw was dead bury and carnage. The walk way had been totally washed away, I watched as a set with 2 story plus walls broke outside the bay.
The wooden bridge had planks all over the place and on the other side towards Boulders the walk way had totally been washed away, and rocks and dead bury had been washed through the front of some of the ground floor flats.
The swell is probably the biggest south swell I have seen in 15 years, that with the 2,28m high tide at 4 this morning ... well disaster!! A normal spring tide is under 2m so it was a freak combination. The swell will hang around a bit, but will drop over nite. So this afternoons high tide should be interesting ... but not as hectic as this morning.
Please send through any pics you have of the swell I will put them up in a gallery.
Will keep you posted
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