Friday, May 23, 2014

2014 Port Elizabeth Spearfishing Nations Day 2

SA National Spearfishing Championships 
Once again Day 2 started out with awesome weather with a nice winter’s chill in the air. Nevertheless the guys were all in good spirits and anxious to get back into the water again after having had a break for 2 days due to unfavourable weather conditions. Unfortunately as we all got out there the wind picked up. The north easterly was blowing quite brusquely and we all realized that it was going to be a challenging day’s diving for everyone. Visibility had also decreased and for the most part the areas we dived in we only had about 3 to 5 meters visbility.

Guy, Niel and Eugene with some of the better fish of the day.
There was a good wind chop on the surface combined with low visibility as well as water temps of 16 degrees, this turned it into a rather tough day for the guys diving. Getting back to shore after the day most of the divers were quite fatigued and tired due to the tough conditions and we noticed that a lot of the divers had had a real hard time finding the fish. Not only were the diving conditions not great but the fish were scarce. Once again no one managed to land their 10 species of fish due to the weather and sea conditions, but nevertheless, even with these conditions we saw some really nice fish coming out again, not as impressive though as the White Musclecracker and the Yellowtail.
All smiles before the day began.
There reports however, that a couple of the guys had actually shot and lost a few Yellowtail which was very unfortunate. Again fish like Miss Lucy came out. It seemed like the Natal boys managed to find just the right spot as they landed themselves a few really nice Bank Steenbras.
KZN vs Eastern Cape
Niel Barnard, Guy Le Meme, , Eugene van Wyngaardt and Hein Eksteen were all with a point or so of each other on Day 2. This means that there is only a few points difference between 5th and 1st position at this stage going into the final day. So if any one of these guys have a good day they have a good chance at taking the win.

Day 2 Results:

1. Guy Le Meme
2. Niel Barnard
3. Eugene Van Wyngardt
4. Heinrigh Eksteen
5. Angelo Spada
6. Charlie Myburgh
7. Derek Dunning
8. Lohan Geel
9. Richard Leonard
10. Dave Joyce

The last day of diving will be on Friday 23 May 2014 and the prize giving will be on the evening of Saturday 24 May 2014. The reason we cannot dive on Saturday is because it’s against the rules to dive 3 days in a row, especially at this kind of level of competition. Friday’s diving will be out in Bushy Park. It’s a long ride out there but conditions are looking really good and it looks like it possibly could be the best day yet of the entire competition so far, so we are all really excited about it. - Gully Jumpers

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