Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Great White Shark Off Christmas Bay

The Great White Shark 'Courage' not far from Christmas Bay KZN
Where were you spearfishing on Wednesday 3rd July??? Well hopefully not off Christmas Bay on the Dolphin Coast!! Because you might have bumped into 'Courage' the 12'6" long, 1372lb (856.5kg) mature male Great White Shark!!
If you had, I think you might have needed much 'courage'. I shark that size in 3-5m water is enough to make you crap yourself to death, let alone the fact that it is a Great White!!
Follow Courage Click Here 
On the other hand... when you are not crapping your self, it is quiet cool to see where these beasts have been roaming. Great White sharks are serious travellers, travelling for thousands of kilometers between continents. I am happy with that as long as where I dive is on of the layovers on their prowling route. 

I know sharks don't 'really' eat people, and I am the first to say not to worry about the sharks. But the thought of spearfishing in the average murk we have with a Great White is daunting. Just thinking about the idea makes me respect the spearfisherman who dive around the Western and Eastern Cape coastlines. No wonder they hide in the kelp hunting 'Hotties' .... I would also be too s*%t scared to venture out :-)

To follow some Great White sharks in your area go to Ocearch Global Shark Tracker
But may I suggest that 'ignorance is bliss'



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Here is another great Great White Post:

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Dave said...

Eish...I dived that spot on Saturday. Sure this guy was long gone by then though.