Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Top Shots - New Spearfishing Video Series

Top Shots - The Best Spearfishing Shots Series

In The Zone Productions the company that makes the Onefish spearfishing DVDs has just launched a new video series online. It's actually super cool! The whole idea is to find the most epic spearfishing shots on film and then skype call the guy and get all the details. Then put it down in a seriously hot little vid for all to see on line.

I guess there are loads of guys out there getting epic shots on GoPro and other video cams. The problem is that often they dont have enough footage to make a complete film or segment or have the skills to edit down the videos in a cool sleek way. This video concept will probably appeal most to these guys, and they will be able to get there epic spearfishing footage out and edited.

Here is the first episode here:
Top Shots - Spearfishing Series - Ian Brookes - Australia

As always it's not all that simple with loads of guys already submitting their footage for consideration. So I am sure only the choice vids will make the cut. The guys who get chosen also stand to win some cool prizes from Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine Subscriptions to spearguns and more.

If you want to get your insane spearfishing shots on ‘Top Shots’ then email: topshotsvideo@gmail.com

It would also be super cool if you could let me know what you think of these videos and the concept. Just post a comment below.

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Bluegroper said...

Super Idea, I think most guy's would love the idea of having their video's edited and included in a pro made and edited video, I know I would.