Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spearfishing is Over - Spring Has Sprung a Leak

Andy Henwood - All 'cracked up' on Deep Scotties.
 If you did not get in the sea last week best you dust off the running shoes. It is going to be while before the sea come right again, and with even more rain forecast the long term prognosis looks bleak & brown.

Andy Henwood took a chance at the end of last week and got out on the Shoal. The reports had been bad with cold green water, but his shoulder operation coming up this week he decided to take his chances as this will be his last dive for the next few months.

It looks like he made good on the day and while most of us were waiting for 'better days' he got busy. He said the vis was not good at all and it was very cold.
Andy with double luck! 
Green and cold! Well a nice Cracker and a Sailfish later he was smiling all the way home. I guess congrats go to him for getting out there when there was a gap. As for us plebs we sit still waiting ... for 'Better Days'

Moral of the story, drop everything and take the gaps!


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