Monday, July 2, 2012

1 Million Spearfishing Channel Views

1Million views and 2283 subscribers - In The Zone's Spearfishing Channel
Today is a special day as the Spearfishing production company that I am involved with called In The Zone has cracked the 1 Million views mark!!! I know this is not massive in Youtube terms, but in the world of spearfishing it is BIG. In fact its the channel with the most views and subscribers out of the dedicated spearfishing Youtube channels.

This partly due to the fact that our latest trailer for the film Onefish Going East has over 300 000 views in just a few months. I think the 2283 loyal subscribers who like our films also help, and having this many subscribers is also a huge achievement.

If you have not checked in on our Video Channel yet and seen all our other videos HAVE A LOOK NOW

A big thanks to all the crew that have contributed to reaching this milestone.

Thanks a MILLION

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